World Cancer Day


World cancer day is celebrated every year on the 4th of February to raise awareness about cancer and help in its detection, treatment and its prevention. Cancer can be categorized as a group of diseases which is caused by the abnormal growth of cells. This abnormal growth of cells leads to the formation of lumps or masses of tissues called tumor (except in cases like leukaemia where cancer prohibits normal function by abnormal cell division in the blood stream and also leucoedema where blisters filled with whitish-grey mucous are formed on the skin).

 The primary goal of World Cancer Day is to significantly reduce the illness and the deaths caused by cancer. Many a times due to lack of knowledge people tend to ignore the symptoms which may later turn out to be extremely fatal. Cancer if diagnosed at an early stage can be quite helpful as the treatment can be started off right away.

 Today the number of people suffering from cancer has exponentially increased due to various reasons such as global warming, mutations, and sometimes even unhealthy dietary habits. It’s important for people to know about these things so that they can avoid uneventful health disasters. Cervical cancer and ovarian cancer are the two most widely suffered cancers among Indian women. Educating them about menstrual hygiene will serve a great deal in preventing them from suffering in the future.

 Hamraah Foundation celebrates World Cancer Day to impart knowledge about cancer, its types, symptoms, diagnosis and also its treatment. Beneficiaries Participating in this event are educated about how they can prevent cancer by following a healthy diet and by cultivating healthy habits. Sessions are conducted for women sharing knowledge about different types of breast cancer and the necessity to have a mammogram done atleast once a year. On the whole the main aim of this event is to make sure that people are given enough information about this disease which will eventually help them in preventing it.