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The society organises workshops on global warming and pollution control all across the states of India. These workshops are supported and funded by the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India. A series of lectures and events are conducted followed by competitions where children from multiple schools and NGOs join to take part.The workshop provides a great sense of insight about the challenges being faced by the whole of humanity. With highlighting these issues the workshop makes significant progress about how these issues can be addressedThe event creates a sense of belongingness among the children towards the environment so that they are well aware about all the problems that are faced by humanity. They are convinced and made to believe that there cannot be a better tomorrow if they don’t take good care of their planet.Technology has always played an interesting role in the control of global warming and pollution, be it waste segregation, sewage treatment, ozone depletion control, technology has always been included under the topic of discussion. This application of new technology will continue to play an important role in research and development which is of crucial importance. Finally progress needs to be made with the first and foremost level of individual commitment that ‘environment protection begins with me’.The workshop is viewed as a catalyst for all the participants to make joint efforts in saving the environment. Three primary steps are recommended to be taken to meet necessary expectations.

1. Participants should spread their workshop learning particularly to their friends, family, neighbours and their whole community whenever they get a chance.

2. Develop an action plan to formulate joint projects and activities that can be undertaken through collaboration between other neighbouring schools.

3. Steadily keep working on the plan.