Volunteer With Us

“Together we can change the world, just one random act of kindness at a time.”- Ron Hall

India is a developing country which is progressing at a rapid rate in all spheres of life. However, despite the development, there are some important sections of the population like women, children and youth who are vulnerable. These sections form a considerable proportion of the population but are still denied their basic rights and face discrimination.  Millions of children in India are the victims of poverty. They are practically “invisible” since most of them aren’t even listed in any official documentation and are thus deprived of even the basic rights. Without an official identity, these children are denied access to education, quality health care, other vital services and are even forced to work at a tender age leading to serious consequences for their childhood and their future. Also, women in the country face discrimination at households as well as at work places. They are exploited and are subjected to abuse. The condition of children, youth and women in the country is far from what it should be.

Hamraah Foundation has recognised such issues and since its commencement, launched various programmes in accordance with the sustainable development goals (SDG’s) aiming to improve the quality of life of vulnerable sections of the society. For instance, Hamraah Foundation works to make quality education accessible to all which is in accord with the Agenda 2030 of UNESCO. This has only been possible due to the dogged efforts of self-motivated volunteers who understand that change can be brought only if all of us do our bit. The society offers a wide range of volunteering opportunities through which you can trigger the process of bringing about a change in the society!