PMKVY Training Provider

Skills and knowledge are the motivating forces of the financial growth and economic development of any country, and India is no exception. As India moves progressively towards becoming a global knowledge economy, it must meet the aspirations of youth and aim towards skilling them with the best possible standards. The skill development of the working age population is currently one of the top priorities for the country. This is evident by the progress India has made in recent years in this sector. However, till 2016 there was no comprehensive and standardised mechanism to assess the capability of training institutes. Such standardised mechanisms are followed across every Industry and are crucial for holistic growth of the Industry. Considering this gap, there was a requirement for a standardized methodology which would guide and assess the infrastructure and training capability of Training Providers and Training Centres to provide quality skill training.

Hamraah Foundation is registered with Skill Management and AccReditation of Training Centres (SMART) as Training Provider (TP) under National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MoSDE) Government of India. Hamraah Foundation registers Training Centres (TC) on SMART and acts as an umbrella organization for its respective Training Centres. Accreditation of Training Centres is valid for a maximum of one year. Hamraah Foundation performs following roles and responsibilities: