Our Strategies

Community Mobilization

Community mobilization is a major Activity of Hamraah Foundation to develop the Society Status. Foundation believes that one can not change the society without cooperation and coordination of community members for their betterment. Foundation’s understating of community participation include efforts to bringing a positive change in community thinking, with regard to its own rights, and responsibilities towards children and their families.

Working with Stakeholders

The Foundation emphasizes upon the need to work with other stakeholders and understanding from their perspective about the same issues and reaching solutions that reflects the integration of all viewpoints concerned.

Capacity building of deprived community

Hamraah Foundation mobilize people regarding their Health, education and skill development. Develops their capacity with the help of different activities like Awareness programme , Training Programme and coaching classes etc. We also provide vocational training programme, education programme for their development.

Capacity Building of Staff

For smooth functioning of work sharing and increasing of knowledge among staff, Hamraah Foundation ensures capacity building of its staff. It organizes monthly meetings and reviews with staff to analyze the working conditions at different locations. At regular intervals and on basis of need it organizes professional training and theoretical orientation with the help of other institutions for the development of skills among the staff members.

Networking & Advocacy

Hamraah Foundation engages in a wide range of advocacy and networking in order to raise awareness about community related issues. It inspires Government Schemes and programme designers regarding education, Health, Skill Development. Networking is a main tool through which we can raise the issues at District, State and national level. The Foundation’s purpose of advocacy is to influence Government schemes and programme within political, economic, social system and institutions. It may be motivated from moral , ethical , or faith principal or simply to protect public rights. We conduct workshops raising various issues through print and electronic media.