General Health Awareness

Hamraah foundation conducts educational sessions on general health awareness stressing on the importance of knowledge about general health. A lot of people are made to take part in this awareness session. Doctors from the surrounding hospitals are called to address the people and give talks about human health and its importance.

People coming from financially low profile background are offered free health check-ups and professional advice. There are many Government and Non Government organisations which work towards the eradication of malnutrition of infants and children, representatives from these organisations are invited to the event where they are asked to speak about the importance of general health awareness.

It’s pretty much a necessity that people prioritise their health, but very often due to lack of awareness they might end up overlooking many symptoms and changes in their body which may later lead to disastrous health disorders. To prevent this from happening, people should have some minimal amount to health awareness.

People who work in chemical factories and industries are educated about occupational diseases and how they need to take precautionary measures while working. Stress is laid on the necessity of having a balanced diet and regularly exercising in order to keep the body well maintained and achieve physical, mental and social well-being.