Vocational Training


Women empowerment is a process of obtaining equal rights in the society for women but sadly women empowerment is something which is still not taken seriously in our country. We live in this patriarchal setup where the society does not understand the concept of freedom and liberation, and would not pave way for innovation. It’s very important to educate women so that they know their rights and supporting them to stand up against any kind of harassment be it at home or outside.

Women empowerment also includes encouraging and developing skills for self-sufficiency with the focus of eliminating the future need for charity or welfare in the individuals of the group. Hamraah Foundation organizes vocational training to help women coming from financially backward families. Women with no proper educational qualifications cannot possibly get secure jobs. Hamraah Foundation organises small courses on tailoring and other hand-skill workshops so that these women can get into small scale industries and make themselves financially stable and support their families. 

The main aim of this programme is to make the women efficient enough to produce and market their own garments through which they can make a profit and also generate a healthy income which will be enough to keep the family going.