Why partner with Hamraah Foundation :

  • Give employees the chance to make a difference.
  • Lasting change: We find out the root cause of the problems that our society faces and try to make a change that lasts long.
  • Brand visibility:  Gives your brand visibility and thus enhances your business.
  • Management of projects: We manage and monitor our projects strictly so that the funds are utilised efficiently. Also, professionals regularly assess the projects to measure progress against plans.
  • Transparency: As an organisation, we are mandated to carry out an annual financial audit, thereby making our financials public.


Hamraah Foundation actively takes initiatives to organise various workshops and training sessions for women, children as well as the youth which are useful since they create awareness amongst the masses about the condition of the underprivileged sections of the society. Society is ruthlessly pursuing the 2030 agenda of the UNESCO for disseminating awareness and importance of SDG’s in our daily lives. Our campaigns usually involve self- motivated volunteers who have a strong desire to make a difference.

You can sponsor our events or workshops and aid us in making a difference. Your support will help Hamraah Foundation achieve its goals and also make your organisation visible to a greater crowd.


Hamraah Foundations offers a wide range of programmes that work for children, women and environment. The projects basically aim to improve the standard of living of underprivileged people in the country by providing them opportunities they are denied. We systematically organise various workshops aiming to create awareness and appreciation about SDGs and our environment, offer vocational training especially to underprivileged women and organise remedial classes for children. The projects are stringently monitored by the foundation.

You can select any of these projects and become a part of it and thus make a difference in the society at large to which we all belong. Your little efforts will make us realise the goals of sustainable development i.e. development without leaving anyone behind. Together, we can make this world a place where everyone enjoys equal opportunities, where no one sleeps hungry, everyone has access to education. We can thus create a world where everyone has the luxury to design their own lives without constraints