Donate in Kind

Gifts are genuine tokens of affection driven by selfless motives. They are a great way to show your love and care.  Wouldn’t it be heart-warming to know that your gift is a ray of hope and life to someone? Give a priceless gift for a new beginning.

Blankets for children


Here’s a meaningful gift for the season. Many parts of the country experience extreme cold during winters which makes it difficult for poor children to survive. Your gift of blankets will not only protect these children from the vagaries of nature but will also keep them warm and comfortable.

Bicycle for children


Children in rural areas have to walk long and lonely routes to go to school. Not only is the walk exhausting for the children, but it also reduces the time they can spend resting at home or studying. A bicycle thus will be a panacea for these children. Your gift will bring these children closer to education.

School Bag for children


For families living in poverty, education is a solution to many of their problems. It not only helps break the cycle of the poverty but helps build hope and confidence. A school bag will help these children carry books and bring them closer to education.

Books and Note Books for Children


Children struggling in poverty do not even have basic necessities of life and that is why they miss out so many opportunities. With no resources, they can’t even afford notebooks or textbooks onsetting a vicious cycle of poverty. Your gift will not only help such children develop an interest in education but will also break the cycle of poverty.