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International No tobacco day is celebrated every year on 31st May. The main objective of celebration is to ensure abstinence of consumption of tobacco or any tobacco products for period of 24 hours all around the globe. Many countries organise programs to educate people about all the drawbacks of tobacco consumption.

Hamraah foundation celebrates No Tobacco Day wherein people of the society are made aware of the hazards of tobacco consumption. Talks are given about lung cancer and all other cancers that are caused due to tobacco consumption. It’s very important for people to know that smoking affects not only the active smoker but also the passive smoker, so if a person is found smoking, he is not only risking his health but also but simultaneously posing a threat to all the people living around him.

Tobacco consumption can sometimes turn into an addiction which probably takes years to get rid of and sometimes even a lifetime. Hamraah Foundation helps people suffering from addiction to enrol themselves in rehabilitation centres where they can undergo treatment and come back clean. Nicotine tests are conducted to check the nicotine level in a person’s body before prescribing them with medicines.

People especially in the rural areas are not aware of the ill-effects of tobacco consumption, as a reason of which they resort to tobacco consumption sometimes even at a very young age. The events and the programs conducted by the Society mainly focuses on the urban slums and rural section of the society to make sure that they are well aware of the harmful effects of tobacco consumption.

The main aim of organising this event is to make this world a better place by convincing people to look after themselves and promote health awareness.