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 International mother earth day is an annual event celebrated on the 22nd of April every year. The main objective of this international celebration is to conduct events to promote environmental protection. Over the last few decades the condition of our environment had degraded drastically due to increased global warming, deforestation, industrial pollutions, testing of nuclear weapons and various other reasons leading to a lot of complications. The events conducted on the International Earth Day addresses issues a like these tries to find a solution to the problems.

Hamraah foundation celebrates International Earth Day which is supported and funded by Ministry Of Earth Sciences, Government of India. A series of lectures and events are organised by the foundation wherein hundreds of students from many small towns and districts are made to participate. The power of a notion lies its youth, and educating young students about problems like these would give us a hope of a promising future.

The programs conducted are more of symbolic events which will rise awareness among the students and also to spread the message of nature conservation and focus on environmental issues that out earth faces. The main objectives of celebrating earth day is to create awareness substantial use of natural resources and to retain these resources for our future generations. Every individual needs to realise that it their responsibility to work together and make this world a better place to live