Remedial Classes

The Remedial Education program is an instructional program designed for students between the age group of 4 to 13 years who have identified deficiencies in reading, writing and mathematics. Parents of these children are advised on how to keep their kids motivated and help them in their studies.

New techniques are formulated to make learning easy and fun so that the children do not lose interest in studies. The program individualises basic skill instructions in the area of reading, writing and mathematics. The program aims in bringing about all round development and better academic performance among the students of the specified age group. Many a times it so happens that the children’s academic performance is hampered by the lack of attention/concentration, memorizing difficulties, spelling errors, bad handwriting etc, these issues are looked into carefully so that study plans are made for these children. Many children turn to be slow learners and remedial classes helps them them out in a huge way possible.

These children appear to be significantly behind their peers in mainstream schools in the expected level of studies for their class. Hamraah Foundation employs occupational therapy that improves children’s cognitive, physical and motor skills and enhances their self- esteem and brings in a sense of accomplishment and confidence. New techniques are used to help children with logical reasoning, problem solving skills and co-relation.