Hamraah foundation is a non-government organization, registered under society registration Act 1860. Hamraah foundation has been working since 3rd July 2003 to fulfil the educational, economical, health and other social needs and requirements of the children of deprived population. It is widely acknowledged that education has an important role to achieve a greater degree of social justice. The educational institutions are expected to equip children to the best of their ability for securing a meaningful place in society and thus fostering a process of developing an egalitarian society. However, a large number of children are still excluded from the educational system and hence cannot participate meaningfully in the economic, social, political and cultural life of their communities. Due to various reasons the children are deprived of such educational processes which hinder their development to attain full citizenship. Hamraah foundation is working on educational and economic well-being, for human dignity, as well as for health security.