Donate Legacy

How to Donate Legacy :

Every bit of help from your side makes a difference. When you leave us a legacy, it assists us in planning long term projects. Hamraah Foundation has legacy pledges especially for people who want to leave us a legacy. This helps us in not only knowing the intention of our supporters but also gives us a fair idea about how much funds will be available to us in the future. This is precisely why legacy pledges are important for us.
If you have never made a Will before: Please visit a lawyer/solicitor who will help you assess your assets and prepare a will. You will need to inform the lawyer and the executor of the will that you would like to make a bequest to Hamraah Foundation.
 If you already have a Will: If you have already made a will then you will need to add a Codicil through your lawyer. The Codicil will state your bequest to Hamraah Foundation.
 For people who want to donate us a legacy, we have a legacy pledge form which helps us know about their intentions.
 Please download the form and mail it to Hamraah Foundation at
 In case of any queries or clarifications please feel free to contact us at 9315114388 or contact us at our office address.